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At MonteNapoleone You Stay Safe

μένουμε ασφαλείς

The market has finally re-opened and the return to our beloved stores is allowed again, given that safety and hygiene measures are kept!

We wish to ensure all our customers that at MonteNapoleone You Stay Safe! 

The following safety measures have been advised all through our network:

  • There are hand antiseptics at the entrance and distinct spots all around the store, at people disposal.
  • There are disposable gloves also available, supplied upon request.
  • Hard-and-Fast Rule: Any product at display has been sanitized, as by the safety measures set by the State.  We use steam cleaner to sanitize every garment used and tried on by customers.
  • The floor, the dressing rooms, and any other service surface of common use are also cleaned and disinfected by the proper cleansing solutions.
  • All Personnel take care of hand hygiene, by washing their hands often and rigorously.  Any customer is welcomed to do so, if required.
  • We practice social distancing and always keep a 2 meters distance between our sales people and our customers.  In any occasion that this distance is not kept, we suggest you wear a mask.  We avoid crowding at all times.
  • Contactlesstransactionsareadvised.

MonteNapoleone welcomes you back, taking the necessary action that ensure your safety!

We are looking forward to meeting you once again and show you the magnificent, unique MonteNapoleone Spring Summer 2020 Collection!

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MonteNapoleone New Spring Summer 2020 Collection

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