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For nearly three decades now in wholesales, reaching 120 points of sale throughout Greece, and another 7 at Cyprus, Serbia and Albania, MonteNapoleone has already started growing its own retail channel with 5 monobrand stores in Greece, and 2 abroad.

MonteNapoleone's success is a story of long-lasting business relationships, based on mutual respect and continuous operational development, always aiming at mutual expansion and gain. MonteNapoleone embraces its partners and reassures their competitiveness, profitability, and growth.

MonteNapoleone is a healthy, prosperous organization, fully capable of realizing new business projects with certainty and confidence. Being so, the company seeks out for partners that would share MonteNapoleone vision, benefit from a strong brand, and be an active part of its bright future!

The company Michail Pavlou "MonteNapoleone" is the exclusive representative of the brand name MonteNapoleone globally.

Expression of Interest Form

If you want to become an active member of our Network,
please express your interest in the form below. 
We will be contacting you soon!

(*) By submitting this form, I declare that all data voluntarily registered is true, and that in case of alteration, I will notify the company on time.
(*) Submitting the form for a Franchise agreement is just an expression of interest in the agreement, not a valid agreement.
In the case that the company and the candidate agree to proceed, then the Agreement of Franchise partnership will be conducted and signed by both parts. This Agreement will regulate all details of the partnership, mutually accepted by the contracting parties.
(*) MonteNapoleone will keep all data given by any candidate confidential.